Goods exported or carried personally out of the country may qualify for a tax refund

Our Export departments offer a full range of export facilities, and our Partners have considerable expertise in sending consignments all over the world. We'll provide a shipping agent if you wish, and deal with the necessary paperwork, as well as process VAT refunds where appropriate.

Tax free shopping

Our tax-free shopping service allows customers from outside the European Union (EU) to claim back the Value Added Tax (VAT) on purchases from BYPOS BV.

Who can buy tax-free?

Overseas buyers whose domicile or habitual residence is outside the European Union, and intend to leave for a destination outside the EU within 3 months, or UK residents who send goods to friends and family living outside the EU.

What do I save?

Non-EU customers may reclaim the Value Added Tax (VAT) included in the purchase price, less an administrative charge.

Does VAT apply to all goods?

A VAT refund will be given on all merchandise.